Sunday, July 13, 2008


Our 2005 family Christmas portrait. We have Russell, Donovan, Nephi, Candace, Christopher and Michael. That Michael boy - he always looks like he is going to be up to something.


April 2004. We had this picture taken just after Russell got back from Iraq. For all interested parties - there will be another thread dedicated to all the pictures we sent/Russell sent, visits we made to Fort Bliss, TX and homecomings. Something to look forward too.

Christmas 2004. We have Christopher, Candace holding Nephi, Donovan and Russell holding Michael - who looks like he's got some great plans.


These two pictures were taken 12 April 2003. You may be wondering why Russell is missing from the pictures. He was in Iraq serving our country so we can enjoy the wonderful freedoms we do. We were proud to support him while he was away. We have Donovan 7, Candace, Nephi 7 months, Michael 2 and Christopher 5 1/2. You will notice Nephi's skin is starting to appear lighter than everyone elses.

Spring Break 2003. Grandma Zaugg took this picture when she and Aunt Carrie came to visit with the cousins. Nephi is not pictured as he was sleeping. We have Christopher, Candace, Michael and Donovan.
August 2003. We took lots of pictures of our family to send to Russell while he was away. This is one of my favorites.
Our Christmas picture we had done for Russell. Donovan, Candace, Christopher, Nephi and Michael. Nephi's coloring looks much better as he spent 5 days in the hospital receiving iron treatments. His red blood count was down to 5.4. The doctor thought it was probably his genetic makeup that this occured because he was getting iron supplements from me when I was nursing. When I quit was when he went downhill so fast.

Christmas 2002

We had these pictures done when we visited Grandma and Grandpa Rogers in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are not my favorite pictures as I forgot to put red shirts on you guys. Oh well. The mommy syndrome has struck again. It gets worse with each child. :) We have Christopher, Donovan holding Nephi and Michael.
Back row L-R Russell, Donovan and Candace. Front row L-R Michael, Christopher and Nephi.


July 2002 Donovan is 6, Christopher is 4 1/2 and Michael is 15 months.


Michael joined the family in April. Here Russell is holding him at the hospital. Donovan and Christopher also came to visit.
29 April 2001 - Michael's blessing day. L-R Christopher 3 1/2, Michael 2 weeks old, Donovan 5.
June 2001. These pictures were taken in Phoenix, Arizona. We had gone to visit Grandma Dysart who was down there visiting Aunt Marilyn. We went to the mall to Penny's for these.
Donovan is 5, Michael is not happy and 2 months old and Christopher is 3 1/2.

One of my most favorite family pictures! L-R Candace holding baby Michael, Russell, Christopher and Donovan.

The top picture is swimming lessons at the pool. Donovan is facing away from the camera and Christopher is being helped by his teacher. The bottom picture is the pool in our yard. Donovand and Christopher and Carly - the little girl I used to watch are playing.

Donovan is 5 3/4, Christopher is 4 and Michael is 7 months old.
Our 2001 family Christmas picture. L-R is Russell, Candace holding Michael, Donovan and Christopher.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer 2000

Donovan is 4 and Christopher is 2 1/2.
These pictures were taken at University Mall in Orem, UtahL-R Donovan, Candace, Christopher and Russell.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Summer 1999. This picture was taken not too long before we moved from Utah to Eagar, Arizona. I love this picture. All three boys look like they are up to something. L-R is Christopher, Franklin (cousin) and Donovan.
Christmas 1999 was spent in Utah at Aunt Carrie and Uncle Ron's house. Grandma and Grandpa Zaugg came a couple days later as the roads were super icy and they needed to stay the night in a motel along the way. Here Russell is helping Donovan and Candace is watching. Christopher is playing with a toy he got. The drive home from Utah was interesting. We got through I-70 just before they closed it. What should have been a 10 minute max drive on it took about 45 minutes as it was so icy. Once we made our exit - the roads were much better. We were so happy to sleep in our beds that night.

All the grandkids on the Zaugg side were able to get together during Spring Break 1999. Aunt Carrie, Aunt Andrea and I took you cousins and got these pictures. They are some of my favorites. In the top picture Christopher is 17 1/2 months old and Donovan is 3.
We have all the boys on the left wearing matching outfits! All the girl cousins are wearing Easter pastels. This picture was taken 20 March 1999 in Provo, Utah. Back row L-R is Donovan 3, Ryan 3 1/2, Emma 5, Karman 2 months, and Kyrsten 2. Front row L-R is Christopher 17 1/2 months and Eliza 3.

November 1998

A mostly Dysart family picture. Lynda and her family weren't here, James was outside the studio with Raphael. He was sick. I don't know where Tammy was. Neil was on his mission in Colorado. I think this is the rest of us. Back row L-R...Grandma Dysart, Becky, Grandpa Dysart. Middle row L-R...Russell, Candace, Karen, Joseph, Jessica and Donny. Front row L-R we have Christopher, Donovan and Elijah.

February 1998

We had a family picture done in February for Valentine's Day. Russell, Candace, Donovan (2) and Christopher (4 months).

8 December 1997

We had this picture done for Russell for a birthday present. Donovan is 23 months old and Christopher is 2 months old.

November 1997

The Zaugg family got together in November 1997 for Christopher's baby blessing and Thanksgiving. Back row L-R we have Wendy, Erich, Mom Z, Dad Z and Ron. Front row L-R we have Candace, Christopher, Donovan, Russell, Ryan, Kyrsten and Carrie.

Fall 1997

Donovan holding Christopher. Chris doesn't look very happy about it.
Candace holding Christopher not too long after coming home from the hospital. Donovan giving kisses.
Candace reading a story to Donovan and Ryan. Christopher sleeping. We were at Ron and Carrie's apartment by the KOA in Provo.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Spring 1997

A family picture. Candace was pregnant with Christopher and actually was feeling pretty decent. Donovan was 18 months here. Russell wearing his tin man tie.

August 1996

Russell, Donovan and Candace.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Easter Sunday 15 April 2001

Dad brought you Christopher and Donovan to the hospital to visit baby Michael and Mom. Michael was just a few days old and I was in no shape to be home yet. You guys looked so handsome coming to visit after church. I was very happy to see you. It was the most interesting Easter Sunday I've ever had!

Halloween 2004

Trick or treat! Here is Donovan the vampire, Russell the nerd, Christopher Pooh Bear and Michael Percy train.

Summer 2003

We had a colossal thunderstorm that dumped lots of rain. I got a picture of Michael out playing in the huge puddle in front of our house. I didn't think any more of him out playing until....
Mr. Isaacs across the street gave me these pictures! He got a kick out of watching Donovan and Michael play in the puddle. They were oblivious to him taking pictures until the very end.

You've been caught!

Fall 2001

Halloween 2001. We have the batman twins - Donovan and Christopher. Michael is just Michael.
November 2001. Donovan and Christopher being very silly batmen.

2000 - a trip to Phoenix, Arizona

Russell and I took the boys down with us to Phoenix, AZ in August 2000. I was pregnant with Michael. We stayed with our friends the Niu's and Debbie Niu watched the boys so we could attend the Mesa Arizona Temple with our ward. We stopped at a park on the way home to eat lunch. Here the boys are having a good time - despite the heat.
Don't drive with Donovan and Chris. They can't make up their minds!
Hang on Dad! This is going to be one bumpy ride.
Some more playground fun.

June 2001

We stopped in Utah at the end of June and stayed with Lynda and Jess. Here we have the grandkids on my mom's side. L-R Christopher, Michael, Donovan and Franklin.

Some fun pictures of existing grandchildren on the Zaugg side.

For the ones who could stand...L-R we have Karman, Christopher, Eliza, Donovan, Kyrsten, Ryan and Emma.
For those who weren't old enough to stand (there were three!) we have in the back L-R Christopher, Kyrsten, Ryan and Karman. In the front L-R we have Eliza holding Ami, Emma holding Kayann and Donovan holding Michael.

2004 Zaugg Family reunion picture

This was a special family picture. Russell had just gotten back from Iraq. We hadn't been up to see any family since the summer of 2002. Back row L-R we have Russell, Erich holding Ami, Andrea, Ron, Carrie, Dad Z, Mom Z and Wendy. Front row is Candace holding Nephi with Christopher, Michael and Donovan in front of her, Emma, Eliza, Ryan, Kayann, Karman and Kyrsten.

2004 Zaugg family beach trip

Nephi taking off to check out the great big ocean! Michael remembers from the last time he was at the beach. Remove shoes before entering water!
Here is Grandpa Zaugg catching some Zzzzzz's. He got a sunburn too.
Most of the grandkids. Erich's family wasn't able to come. L-R we have Ryan, Kyrsten, Karman, Kayann, Candace holding Nephi, Christopher, Donovan and Michael.
Mom and Dad Zaugg are big on family pictures at just about every family gathering. There is nothing wrong with that. Nope there isn't. We can look back and remember all the fun times we've had. Here we are at Oceanside beach, OR. Back row L-R Mom Z, Dad Z, Russell, Ron and Carrie. Front row L-R Kayann, Christopher, Michael, Candace holding Nephi, Ryan, Donovan, Kyrsten and Karman.