Friday, July 4, 2008

16 February 1996

The Dysart clan got to get together in Bountiful, UT for Lynda and Jess's wedding. (They have since divorced.) I am posting pictures though because Lynda's dress was so pretty and there are great pictures of Mom and Dad Dysart.
At the reception. Russell, Candace and baby Donovan. He was 1 month old.
Donovan with Grandpa Dysart.
Donovan with Grandma Dysart.
At the Bountiful Temple in Bountiful, UT. Back row - Candace, Donovan, Doug (Grandpa Dysart), Sherril (Grandma Dysart), Marie (Grandma Rogers), Iris (Grandma Stone), Neil. Front row - Becky, Jess, Lynda, Karen and Joseph.

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Millie said...

Totally stealing the wedding pic. :)