Friday, July 4, 2008

Trips to Eagle Fern Park

These are pictures from outings to Eagle Fern Park near Estacada, Oregon. There are two different years here. Both were for Father's Day.

Russell and Michael.
Aunt Lynda holding baby Michael.

Below would be the summer of 2001. Grandpa with most of the grandsons. We have Raphael, Nathanial, Donovan, Michael, Grandpa Dysart, Franklin and Christopher.

Nephi eating a marshmallow he just roasted! Summer of 2004.

Down at Eagle Creek. We have L-R Raphael, Grandpa Dysart and Nathanial.

Mercedes is being helped by her mom Aunt Becky.

This picture was taken a few years previous (2001) to the ones posted above as Michael is just a baby. We have a lot of the Dysart clan here. I see Grandpa Dysart, Aunt Karen, Donovan, Aunt Lynda, me, baby Michael, Nathanial I think and Raphael.

Yet another Zaugg family picture! L-R me, baby Michael, Russell, Christopher and Donovan.

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