Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dysart Family reunion August 2006

We had a Dysart family reunion in August 2006 at our home in Tillamook, OR. I think this is the first one we've ever had. It was the first time since before I left for my mission that we were all together. I left for my mission back in 1992.
Back row...Lynda, James, Neil, Becky, Karen. Front row...Candace, Dad, Mom, Joseph. Jessica wasn't able to make it for pictures.
A friend of mine came and took pictures of our whole group. My there are lots of us! In family groups from L-R we have the Russell Zaugg family - Candace, Donovan, Christopher, Michael and Nephi. Russell was away at annual training for the Oregon National Guard so he isn't pictured. We have the Douglas Dysart family - Dad, Mom, Joseph, Bubba dog and Sweetie dog. We have the Jess Mickelson family - Jess, Lynda, Franklin and Mykenna. We have the Aaron Lougheed family - Aaron, Becky, Mercedes and Benjamin. We have the James Dysart family - James, Raphael and Nathanial. We have the Jessica Huffman family - Elijah. Jessica and Gabriel didn't come until very late that night. And we have the Steve Rees family - Steve, Karen and Wilson dog.
All the grandkids except Gabe. L-R in order of birth we have Raphael, Donovan, Elijah, Franklin, Christopher, Nathanial, Michael, Mykenna, Nephi, Mercedes and Benjamin.
Grandpa and Grandma Dysart with almost all the grandkids. We have L-R Michael, Franklin, Christopher (kneeling) Grandpa Dysart holding Benjamin, Raphael, Nathanial, Grandma Dysart holding Mykenna and Mercedes, Elijah, Donovan and Nephi (kneeling).
Just our family minus Russell. L-R Donovan, me, Christopher, Michael and Nephi.

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