Sunday, July 13, 2008


Michael joined the family in April. Here Russell is holding him at the hospital. Donovan and Christopher also came to visit.
29 April 2001 - Michael's blessing day. L-R Christopher 3 1/2, Michael 2 weeks old, Donovan 5.
June 2001. These pictures were taken in Phoenix, Arizona. We had gone to visit Grandma Dysart who was down there visiting Aunt Marilyn. We went to the mall to Penny's for these.
Donovan is 5, Michael is not happy and 2 months old and Christopher is 3 1/2.

One of my most favorite family pictures! L-R Candace holding baby Michael, Russell, Christopher and Donovan.

The top picture is swimming lessons at the pool. Donovan is facing away from the camera and Christopher is being helped by his teacher. The bottom picture is the pool in our yard. Donovand and Christopher and Carly - the little girl I used to watch are playing.

Donovan is 5 3/4, Christopher is 4 and Michael is 7 months old.
Our 2001 family Christmas picture. L-R is Russell, Candace holding Michael, Donovan and Christopher.

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