Saturday, July 5, 2008

4 July 2002 - A Zaugg reunion

We drove for 24 hours straight to come see family this summer. We lived in Eagar, AZ and they live in Sandy/Boring, OR. Right before we left to come up Russell was summoned by the AZ ARNG (army national guard). He was gone doing fire duty for about 1 1/2 weeks for the Rodeo Chediski fire that burned a half million acres I believe. We left town before the smoke got too bad and drove furiously until we got out of smoke range.
All the grandkids up to this point on the Zaugg side. L-R we have Christopher, Donovan, Michael, Karman, Eliza, Emma, Ami (up in the air wearing red), Kayann (wearing stars), Kyrsten and Ryan.
Here we have the dads holding their babies. L-R - first we have Nephi - Ron's brother. He is holding his daughter - I don't know her name. Ron is holding Kayann (known as KK), Russell is holding Michael and Erich is holding Ami.
Michael was so photogenic when he was a baby. He still is. I love this picture! There is pure joy in his eyes and all over his face. He loved being lifted high in the air.
A Fourth of July family picture. L-R Michael, a very pregnant Candace, Donovan, Russell and Christopher.

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