Sunday, July 13, 2008


These two pictures were taken 12 April 2003. You may be wondering why Russell is missing from the pictures. He was in Iraq serving our country so we can enjoy the wonderful freedoms we do. We were proud to support him while he was away. We have Donovan 7, Candace, Nephi 7 months, Michael 2 and Christopher 5 1/2. You will notice Nephi's skin is starting to appear lighter than everyone elses.

Spring Break 2003. Grandma Zaugg took this picture when she and Aunt Carrie came to visit with the cousins. Nephi is not pictured as he was sleeping. We have Christopher, Candace, Michael and Donovan.
August 2003. We took lots of pictures of our family to send to Russell while he was away. This is one of my favorites.
Our Christmas picture we had done for Russell. Donovan, Candace, Christopher, Nephi and Michael. Nephi's coloring looks much better as he spent 5 days in the hospital receiving iron treatments. His red blood count was down to 5.4. The doctor thought it was probably his genetic makeup that this occured because he was getting iron supplements from me when I was nursing. When I quit was when he went downhill so fast.

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