Friday, July 4, 2008

7 July 2002 - A beach trip with Grandpa and Grandma Dysart

This was after the beach. We stopped in Newport where Jessica was living and went to a park near her apartment. Here is Grandpa and Grandma Dysart with all the grandsons except Franklin. L-R we have Raphael, Michael, Christopher, Gabriel, Nathanial, Elijah and Donovan.
Becky and I were both pregnant at this time. I was on my last baby - she on her first. I had 3 months to go (which ended up less than 2 months as baby had other plans) and she had 5 months to go.
Jessica and Elijah. What a cute mom/son picture.
Christopher and Nathanial playing together.
Christopher and Donovan playing on a piece of driftwood.
I absolutely love this picture. Michael had been playing hard in the sand all day and just sat here looking so sleepy. I thought he was going to topple over and sleep in the sand!
Russell is recording, Grandpa Dysart is thinking, Grandma Dysart is enjoying, Nathanial is playing and Donovan is watching.
Christopher trying to build a sandcastle. Michael is watching from a safe distance.

I recognize Christopher and Donovan. I don't know who else is in the picture.
Grandma and Grandpa Dysart enjoying the sunshine at the beach. I believe we went to Lincoln City, OR.
Nathanial, Christopher and Candace going to check out the water.
Candace and Christopher. Christopher figured out the water isn't so bad this time. The first time he went to the ocean both he and Donovan got knocked off their feet. Russell and I thought it was funny. They didn't and were scared for a long time after that.
Nathanial playing in the sand.

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