Friday, July 4, 2008

November 1999 Erich and Andrea's Wedding

Erich is Russell's brother. Erich married Andrea on 21 November 1999. It was right around Thanksgiving time so we drove all night from Provo, UT to Sandy, OR so we could be there. They were married in the Portland Oregon Temple and had their reception in Troutdale.
L-R Sheri Z (mom), Andrea, Erich, Rollin Z (dad)
The wedding cake.

Just before the reception started. A family picture of our little family. L-R we have Candace, Christopher, Russell and Donovan.

Erich and Andrea with Erich's siblings. L-R...Wendy, Andrea, Erich, Russell, Carrie

The Zaugg clan. L-R Carrie (kind of cut off), Kyrsten, Ron, Emma, Wendy, Erich, Andrea, Eliza, Sheri, Rollin, Donovan, Russell, Candace, Christopher.
Russell took this picture of the boys and I at the atrium in the Portland Oregon Temple. L-R we have Donovan, Candace (me) and Christopher.

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