Friday, July 4, 2008

Summer trips and other fun pictures

Summer 1998. We went to the docks in Bremerton, WA with Grandpa and Grandma Rogers. We have Candace (me), Donovan 2 1/2 and Christopher 9 1/2.
Summer 1998. We visited with Grandma and Grandpa Dysart. Grandma wanted a picture with all available grandsons. The only one missing was Franklin. L-R we have Raphael (4), Grandma Dysart, Donovan (2 1/2), Elijah sitting on Grandma's lap (16 months) and Christopher (10 months). This picture was taken 17 August 1998 in Portland, OR.

July 1996. Donovan (R) playing with his cousin Raphael (L).

Summer 2000 visit to Grandpa and Grandma Dysart's house. All the cousins. So far there are only boys! L-R we have Raphael, Nathanial, Christopher (striped shirt), Elijah (top of couch), Gabriel and Donovan.

This picture was taken in the summer 2000. Aunt Lynda took you guys to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, UT. L-R Donovan, cousin Frankin and Christopher.

On the train at the Hogle Zoo. L-R is Christopher, Donovan and Franklin.

September 17, 2003. Michael is helping Nephi open his 1st birthday presents. You will notice Nephi is extremely pale. In about another week or two we would find out he was extremely anemic.

I don't know when this was taken. I just know it was at the Dome during a football game in Eagar, AZ. We have Christopher and Donovan.

On the front steps of our house in Tillamook, OR. Top to bottom we have Nephi, Michael, Christopher and Donovan.

April 14 2004. This picture is the day dad came home with the 1404th Transportation Company stationed in Show Low, AZ. Dad actually saw you guys first as the buses stopped in Eagar, AZ where we lived. I was in Show Low waiting at the armory. L-R we have Christopher, Michael, Russell, Nephi and Donovan.

Summer 2004. A trip to the Oregon Coast. Here we are at Oceanside. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine we would end up living only 15 minutes from here! This was Nephi's first trip to the beach. L-R is Donovan, Nephi (red shirt), Christopher and Michael - who is trying to take off his sandals.

January 2006 brought Tillamook, OR 10-12 inches of snow! This is at our house. L-R we have Michael, Nephi, Donovan and Christopher.

November 2005 we took a very quick Thanksgiving trip to Salt Lake City, UT to visit Grandma and Grandpa Rogers. While there, Aunt Lynda, Aunt Becky (who both lived there) and I got you guys together for a surprise Christmas picture for Grandma. Nephi cried during the whole picture shoot and Mykenna was having a hard time too. Back row L-R we have Franklin, Donovan and Christopher. Front row L-R is Nephi, Mercedes, Mykenna and Michael.

October 1997. I had just changed Christopher's little diaper and you Donovan layed down beside him like this.

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